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How we define a variety muses we hate to love.  

So... what's your label?


synonym: personal style



Future Senator and loyal member of the local yacht club, our Captain Kennedy can be found sailing the high seas or drinking a glass of Scotch on his front porch. Whether it’s boat shoes and rolled up white pants (only before Labor Day of course), or a polo shirt and sweater, you’ll never catch him without an impeccable outfit on.  This All American knows how to dress for days with his Jackie Os + his nights with the Marilyns




He may not have turned heads when he was voted Most Likely to Succeed in high school, but our Chess Club President has that nerdy awkwardness that embodies a certain charm you can't find in the past-time pretty boys. Always put together, his cardigan, button-down and khakis are accented perfectly by his sweet shyness and obvious intelligence. 




Artistic, funny, and oh so deep, our Edgar Allan Faux is everything he tries not to be.  His pants may be too tight for him to comfortably sit and enjoy his Indie flick, but he sure knows how to pull it off. His flannel shirt is his security blanket when he’s out for some PBRs and pseudo-intellectual conversation. Whatever you do, don’t call him a hipster.




Our Hopeless Romantic loves to love, and we love his fashion sense.  He knows the key to a woman’s heart is a well-tailored suit, and isn’t afraid to throw in a pocket square + tie if the time is right. Sometimes he might get a little overzealous with his latest love interest, but with bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne always on hand, who could deny him.




Just because he’s on the court or out for a run doesn’t mean he isn't thinking about what he’s wearing. Our Jock of All Trades may choose comfort over couture, but the rows of neatly organized Jordan’s in his closet tell us he has an eye for style.





You know what they say, “You can take the boy out of the South…” One look at our Southern Charmer, and you know where he’s from before you hear that drawl.  He may only pull out his seersucker suit for special occasions, but his pastel shirts and tight jeans are enough to charm the pants off any girl, although a true Southern gentleman would never suggest such a thing.




There’s only two places we look if we can’t find our Sun Junkie: in the water on his surf board, or standing next to it shirtless on the beach. Bronze skin + that So Cal charm gives him that air of confidence that only comes from a guy who just doesn’t care. If for some reason he leaves the beach, you’ll spot him in his board shorts, a pair of Ray Bans, and a short-sleeve button down shirt, half opened if you’re lucky.




For our Urban King, skateboarding isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Whether he’s impressing girls with new tricks at the skate park or hanging with his boys in his apartment, he’s always sporting the latest street style, backwards hat included.  




Paul Runyon is the quintessential man’s man. Athletic, adventurous, health conscious and always on Runyon. He may out run you up LA's main hiking trails, but don't be fooled by his granola tendencies.  He takes longer to get ready and has better hair products than you do.  We don't mind really; just means there's more hair to grab on to in the bedroom.



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