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LAST CALL: The Woods

Neighborhood: Hollywood

Label: "Smooth Criminal" + "Edgar Allen Faux"

This Friday, you can find us at our favorite hideaway, The Woods. Set in an unassuming strip mall on the edge of Hollywood, The Woods is definitely a diamond in the rough. The interior lives up to its namesake with tree-truck tables, antler chandeliers, and their own version of a starry night. Décor aside, we always manage to find a few of our favorite labels at The Woods, bar staff included

The Woods patrons offer a wide variety of “labels,” but we always seem to notice two in particular in a sea of leather motorcycle jackets, The Smooth Criminal and The Edgar Allen Faux (he seems to pop up everywhere we go, damn). The dimly lit room and blaring juke-box offer the perfect opportunity to cozy up in a corner booth with a signature Mint Julep and deep conversation.

All in all, The Woods is the perfect place to find the bad boy of your dreams. Be sure to tag us with #findhimfriday and get a snap shot before your beer-goggles wear off and we will see you at The Woods!

Located at:

1533 N La Brea Ave Hollywood, CA 90028

(323) 876-6612

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