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BACK STAGE: Sean Hayes

sean hayes

We recently sat down with Singer-Songwriter Sean Hayes when he made his New York stop on his current U.S. tour. The 44-year-old musician, who has had seven successful albums over the course of his 20-plus year career, has quite an eye for fashion, on stage and off. We were lucky enough to get some valuable fashion tips from the father of two, as well as some dating words of wisdom.

Labeling Men: What brands are you wearing today?

Sean Hayes: Rag & Bone blazer, Scotch & Soda shirt, vintage vest, jeans are Tellason. They are out of San Francisco or Mid Valley. Boots are an Italian brand, starts with an M but I can't remember.

LM: And we can't forget about the hat!

SH: Famous brand: Borsalino, that's right! I think there is a shop not far from here that my friends go to that sell these hats. It’s called "Mad Hatter.”

LM: Does your style differ between on and off stage, or is it fairly consistent?

SH: It's relatively consistent. I have two kids now so I get a little looser on stage. I usually wear the hell out of things, like destroy them and wear them over and over. Almost like a uniform.

LM: How does fashion impact your mood on stage?

SH: I think that fashion and clothing is massively important to us all the time, whether on stage or not. Especially guys tend to think that they are ignoring it, but they're not. Even guys who don't dress very well are extremely self-conscious if they put something on that doesn't suit them. It makes them feel really weird and horrible, so I think it’s very powerful. I always point to the scene in Quentin Tarantino’s movie, Pulp Fiction, when the two hit men had to show up in the Santa Cruz college T-Shirts and shorts. What different human beings they seemed compared to two hit men, just because of their outfits. It’s a good pointer for how extreme clothing can make somebody seem.

LM: What is your go-to item?

SH: Well, I always wear pants. I never wear shorts because I have the skinniest legs in the world. Really don't wear t-shirts anymore, especially with logos, which is weird because I try to sell t-shirts. I tend to wear things until I destroy them, so I go to the same pairs of jeans and jacket. I've worn the jacket for about two years no, and it’s on its way out.

LM: Has your style evolved over the years in any way?

SH: Yeah definitely; I think it still is. I mean style is interesting with money: how much money you have and how much money you are willing to spend. I think the one thing I'm always willing to spend money on is shoes. It’s not like I buy them all the time; I definitely don't have a closet full of shoes. But, I will spend the most money on those. I've become more conscious of it from when I was teen into adulthood. It just evolved a little bit.

LM: Anything you look back on, like if you see an old photo...

SH: You can see me and go, "Oh my God, I can't believe I've worn jeans like that." Even just the fit of the jeans, not necessarily the brand. When I was a kid, I rocked some parachute pants, bandanas; some style choices that were crazy and silly.

LM: If you had to label your personal style, what would it be?

SH: Lets call it “Waitsian.” Everybody knows Tom Waits, right? It’s pretty straight, with a little bit of an old vibe to it with the hat and vest. You know, my style is really "Disheveled Elegance."

LM: Disheveled Elegance, we love that!

SH: It’s a mess, but there is a little bit of style to it.

LM: We know you grew up in North Carolina, were born in NYC and now live in San Francisco. What city do you most enjoy the fashion vibe, seeing what people are wearing?

SH: NYC hands down is always a beast. You just walk around New York and you're blown away every five minutes. NYC doesn't allow you to take it for granted. So, NYC wins hands down!

LM: Any dating advice for men or just in general?

SH: I would say if it excites you and brings warmth into your life, then go for it without hesitation. Even if you "know" you're going to get rejected, see if it is available. Don't worry about it; just go towards the warmth.

LM: And figure the rest out later?

SH: Yeah, I think so. You'll find out later if it’s going to work out, especially for young men. Young men are more terrified of women than they put on; they don't even know what to do.

LM: Lastly, any fashion advice you can give to guys?

SH: I feel like women must be incredibly forgiving about fashion because most men can be so unfashionable, and there are a lot of babies out there. Women are super; just try a little bit!

Find out more about Sean at, and check out his current tour dates around the country.

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