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EYHO LA: Wurstkuche


This DTLA hole in the wall is our Cheap Date pick of the week! Geared more towards our Jock of All Trades' taste buds, there is plenty of jock in this strap! The German word "wurstkuche" literally translates into “sausage kitchen,” which is exactly what you’ll find. They have everything from the traditional brats to more adventurous rattlesnake and rabbit with jalapeno peppers. This industrial restaurant is perfect for day and night hunger cravings!

Our last venture to Wurstkuche was exceptional, sharing the bratwurst, which was mild and delicious, the kielbasa, which was nice and a bit spicier, the duck/bacon and jalapeno, which was gamey and spicy, and finally the Belgian fries. Throw in one (or two) of their dozens of imported beers on tap, and you've set the stage for the perfect Cheap Date. Whatever your tastes, you and your date are sure to find something delicious to share and hopefully spark a flame!


800 E. 3rd St.

Los Angeles, C

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