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Freddy Rodriguez is a blogger based in Berlin with effortless style we can't get enough of.   We have been eyeing his weekly looks for a while and decided to take a leap of faith by asking him if we could send him a quick interview so we can find out more about what inspires his style. We are grateful he had time to let us know why he started a fashion blog and gave us some insight on his outlook on dating and some personal styling tips.


Labeling Men: What inspired you to start a men’s fashion blog?


Freddy Rodriguez: Four years ago there was less than a handful of men’s fashion blogs and I had a couple of girlfriends blogging, so I decided to share my perspective on style and what I was doing in New York. Being a kid from a small town in Texas it was my creative outlet and way to share my life with friends and family back home. 


L.M: How has your style evolved since you started the blog?


F.R: My style has changed from a preppy kid from Texas to an experimental style that follows the seasons. One day I can be wearing sneakers and sweat pants and another I’ll be wearing an all black leather jacket look, and then another day in the summer I can be wearing floral shorts and a pink printed tank-top. I enjoy having fun with my style.


L.M: What are some of your favorite brands that you feel can seemingly transition into any outfit?


F.R: Some of my favorite brands that can seamlessly transition to any outfit would be: ASOS, Paige denim, Converse, Nike, Cheap Monday, Members Only, Ray Bans, and Diesel. 


L.M: Do your Texas roots influence your style in any way?


F.R: No, I have long lost my Texas style roots. The only piece left is to always be humble and remember I haven’t always been a city boy. 


L.M: You’ve lived and traveled all over the world, what city or country’s style vibe do you connect with the most?


F.R: This is a fun question, as I find inspiration in each city I go to. So far my favorite has been Berlin, there is such a sense of downtown creativity in this city that I can’t get enough of. I would say though, I best relate to Paris’s clean and elegant style, but aspire to add more of a grunge feel from Berlin. 


L.M: Which country/city do you feel is the most daring and adventurous with their style?


F.R: By far Berlin. When getting dressed for clubs, the locals in Berlin aren’t afraid to wear harnesses, high socks, leather, or some other unique accessory that isn’t found at a traditional clothing store. 


L.M: What was your worst fashion choice?


F.R: Wearing poor fitted denim jeans and khakis before I moved to New York. Understanding proper fit is key to looking good. *we agree*


L.M: How would you label or define your style?


F.R: I would define my style as accessible, cool, laid back, and slightly creative when accessorizing. 


L.M: Who are some of your style icons?


F.R: Tom Ford is my first style icon, then Andy Warhol and Jared Letto. 


L.M: How does what you wear affect your mood?


F.R: What I wear ultimately helps me feel more confident in myself or less depending 

on what I have available to dress myself. Of course I would always try to aim for 

more confident, but sometimes I don’t always have the proper clothing for each 



L.M: What is your one go-to item for any outfit?


F.R: A watch and bracelet! I feel naked going outside without either of these wrist 



L.M: You have a section on your blog about grooming. How important do you feel 

a guy’s grooming habits are to their overall look?


F.R: Grooming is just as important as having a tailor. One can have the best clothing on, but without having the proper grooming products such as cologne, trimmer, 

barber, and other sculpting essentials ones look is ruined. 


L.M: What’s your number one grooming product you can’t live without?


F.R: My beard trimmer. 


L.M: What is your biggest fashion pet-peeve?


F.R: Guys who sag their pants. 


L.M: What current trend do you hope goes away as soon as possible?


F.R: Men in crop tops. Unless you have the body, don’t do it! 


L.M: Is there one item you would suggest a guy wear on a first date?


F.R: A tie clip with a dash of confidence. 


L.M: Finish the sentence...”I never leave home without my...”


F.R: Sunglasses (during the day) and iPhone.


L.M: Dating advice?


F.R: Don’t play games, if you’re interested in someone let them know and don’t ignore 

their messages if you aren’t interested in them. A kind response goes a long way. 


L.M: Any funny/horrifying dating stories?


F.R: None worth sharing. 


L.M: Lastly, words to live by?


F.R: “Appearance matters, and we have only one chance to make a first impression” - Nelson Mandela


(Photo courtesy of Freddy Rodriguez)


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