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NYFW: SS15 Degen

One of our favorite things about Fashion Week is getting to see the collections of local designers, and the DEGEN show was no exception. Brooklyn-based designer Lindsay Degen gave us a short and sweet chat after the show.

Labeling Men: What is your inspiration behind the line?

Lindsay Degen: There are so many nasty world events going on right now that I was kind of thinking back to the '60s psychedelia, but I wanted to do my version of '60s psychedelia.

L.M: How would you label the style of your brand?

L.D: I would definitely say streetwear!

L.M: If you had to choose one piece - for mens, what would it be?

L.D: I think that sweater at the end is where it's at.

L.M: Building off that, what is the one piece you had the most fun designing?

L.D: I really enjoyed making these life vests, and also those crocheted pants with the smiley faces.

L.M: Lastly, summarize your collection in three words

L.D: LS-Degen, Drugs, Vision Quest

L.M: Love it! Thank you so much!


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