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NYFW: SS15 Sheena Trivedi

Labeling Men: What inspired your collection this season?

Sheena Trivedi: LOVE and falling in love. I recently was married. It was a very quick process from the time my husband and I met to the ceremony and the whole experience really opened new doors for my creative output. It may sounds a bit cliche, but when you know, you just know. I wanted to express what I was going through feelings within this collection. For example, there are a lot of details in shape of lightning bolts - if someone were to ask me how it feels to be in love, for me, it's like being struck by lightning but in a positive connotation. In addition, the color palette of my collection ties in colors of Indian sunsets as well as clouds [whites/blues]

LM: How would you "label" your collection?

ST: "Lovers of Today"

LM: What is one piece from your collection that every guy should own?

ST: The Lightning Bolt Sweatshirt

LM: What is one piece you had the most "fun" designing?

ST: The powder peach trench. It is embellished with different types of embroidery and I had so much fun in the process of designing it.

LM: Three Words to summarize your collection?

ST: Romantic, Relaxed, Chic

sheena trivedi
sheena trivedi
sheena trivedi
sheena trivedi

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