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NYFW: SS15 A Moi

On Friday we attended the À MOI Presentation at The Highline Hotel and had the opportunity to speak to Alejandra Alonso, the designer and founder of the luxury women's and accessories brand.

Labeling Men: What is your inspiration behind the collection?

Alejandra Alonso: The idea behind the collection is to represent my heritage and my family and everything in my life through a kaleidoscope. So it's inspired from Biarritz [in Southern France] where my family used to go on summer vacations. I was looking at pictures of my grandma and we have this inspiration in this house in France, a custom color palette from the sunsets, the beach, so that's basically it. Bringing the past into the present from a distorted kaleidoscope point of view.

L.M: That is beautiful!

A.A: Thank you!

L.M: What is one piece that you had the most fun designing?

A.A: I had the most fun designing the jumpsuit. The one-piece in the white.

L.M: Building off that, what is one piece every woman should own?

A.A: I think the trench coat! I think it's the perfect trench coat. You can turn it into a longer one; it is very versatile!

L.M: Lastly, give us three words that describe your collection?

A.A: Versatility, femininity, and modern tailoring.

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