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This Friday, as August flies by way too fast, we are feeling tropical and are heading to one of our favorite LA classics, Tiki Ti. Walking into Tiki Ti is taking a walk back in time, as this bar has been around since the 60s when the original mixologist, Ray Buhen, opened up Tiki Ti and introduced Los Angeles to the tropical drink craze.

With a menu of over 92 tropical drinks, all with a special twist - be sure to order the "Uga Booga" for a little surprise - this bar attracts all kinds. Being on the cusp of Silverlake, be on the look out for those Edgar Allan Fauxs and Urban Kings. They will be knocking back the giant drinks in the crowded bar and giving you the once over from their liquid courage. Grab a drink with a tiny umbrella; here’s to getting lei’d!

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