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SOCIAL: Crow Philosophy Store Opening

When we got the invite to the Crow Philosophy flagship store opening, we couldn't have been more ecstatic! About two months ago, we interviewed owner/designer Tom Puls, who showed us the raw space before sitting down and chatting with us [click here for our interview]. As we walked up to the boutique, we were greeted by the music of singer/videographer Moses Christopher. The LCD display as soon as we walked in was simply breathtaking and even cooler to see from conception to reality.

The immaculate detail Puls discussed during our previous interview was on full display. The playful mixing of textures such as a leather and herringbone jacket was such a hit, it had a party attendee trying figure out just how he was able to be able to afford it this season! The entire store is a dream closet for our #SmoothCriminal! We stole Tom away for a second for a quick update on the store.

Labeling Men: First, we want to say congratulations on the opening, it looks amazing!

Tom Puls: Thank you very much, I appreciate it. It means a lot!

L.M: Give us one piece from the collection that every guy should own.

T.P: I would say the Honda Jacket [click here to view it].

L.M: And why is that?

T.P: It's subtle, it's black, it's sleek, and when you approach it, you notice all the detailing. And the detail reads, "I'm somebody!"

L.M: What has been your most popular seller?

T.P: The Marshall knit top with the faux-leather detail on the top [click here to view it] Secondly, it is the Roberto shirt [click here to view it].

L.M: Thank you, Tom, and congrats again!

We had such a great time, we closed the event down with Tom pulling out some Bourbon

for us to finish the night off!

crow philosophy2_edited.png
crow philosophy1_edited.png
crow philosophy3_edited.png

Visit Crow Philisophy's flagship in the Meatpacking District in NYC at 15 Gansevort Street.

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