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LAST CALL: Villain's Tavern

Only in Los Angeles will you be able to find an outdoor patio that makes you feel like your still in the throes of summer. It’s Friday and we are ready to listen to some live music and find the lucky guy for the night at Villain’s Tavern.

It’s slightly off the beaten path on the outskirts of downtown LA, which means everyone who is there knew exactly what they were looking for. The covered patio with twinkling lights and overgrown trees is perfect for scoping out the #UrbanKing and #EdgarAllanFaux at their favorite haunt. Check out their signature mixed drinks like the Stan Lee (seriously) and updated classics like a Greyhound with a Jalepeno kick. Show us what label you find and what you’re drinking with #FindHimFriday and #labelingmen, we know you’re in for a wicked good time.

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