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SOCIAL: "The Beauty Book" Release Party

Having a fashion photography coffee table book in this day and age might seem a little dated, but leave it to Kenneth Willardt to take it to the modern era! We were invited to the release party of "The Beauty Book", a 304 page interactive book, accompanied by a free phone app. Simply download, go to the "Augmented Reality" section, and place your phone over the picture to see different animations of a wide variety of pictures. Celebrities posing in the book include our personal crush Ryan Reynolds, our #WCW Bar Rafaeli, Jennifer Lopez, and more!

The actual celebration was held on a multi-floor location at 558 Gallery in Chelsea, all adorned with Willardt's art. One flight up and there was a feast unlike anything we have seen before! The old adage that "people in fashion never eat" is an just that - an old wives tale. Easily the most crowded floor, patrons were tearing at the lobster, fresh prosciutto, olives, exotic fruits, the list goes on and on. Our personal favorite was another flight up where you could breathe, still get the same drinks served everywhere, see beautiful art, and shimmy the night away "until your mascara bleeds" (as it said on the invitation!). Down in the basement we were transported to a Warhol-esque room where the walls were filled top to bottom in silver foil. Not for the claustrophobic, the eerie feel left us with a real appreciation for the art.

You can purchase a copy this wonderful book at for $125 and don't forget the free app at iTunes!

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