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Gregory DelliCarpini Jr

Short, sweet and to the point with blogger Gregory DelliCaprini Jr. of Oyster Colored Velvet.

Labeling Men: What made you decide to start a men’s fashion blog?

Oyster Colored Velvet: Menswear can be so brash sometimes so I wanted to reveal a softer side to men’s style that’s both explorative and sarcastic while still tapping into current offerings. So Oyster Colored Velvet was birthed.

LM: How has your style evolved since you started the blog?

OCV: I don’t think my style ever really evolves. I still get dressed with the same spastic energy that I did when I was a kid. I just get really board of things quickly and move on to something else. Right now I’m really into structured looks and blazers.

LM: What are some of your favorite brands that you feel can seemingly transition into any outfit?

OCV: Prada, Acne Studios, Calvin Klein and Phillip Lim.

LM: How do your roots in the music industry relate to your style?

OCV: I was 5 years old and refusing to eat unless my mom put on Madonna’s Open Your Heart Music Video.

LM: What city/country that you’ve traveled to do you feel has the fashion you most connect with?

OCV: Taormina, Sicily

LM: You are in front of the camera on your blog, and behind the scenes as an editor for other publications. Which position are you most comfortable in?

OCV: On the sofa, writing with my dog next to me while eating pizza and watching HGTV. A Love it of List It of House Hunters marathon perhaps? I get so upset of they don’t choose my favorite house. It really puts a damper on the day. Now if only I was offered to host a show on HGTV life would be sweet.

LM: Which musician that you’ve interviewed has the best style in your opinion?

OCV: Ciara. Girl is stylin’

LM: What was your worst fashion choice?

OCV: Being too scared to wear what I really wanted to.

LM: How would you label or define your style?

OCV: Explorative.

LM: Who are some of your style icons?

OCV: Tilda Swinton, Jim Morrison, James Dean, Maleficent, Jack Nicolson, Marilyn Monroe.

LM: How does what you wear affect your mood?

OCV: Completely changes my perspective on the day. Sometimes I work from home in a bathrobe all day.

LM: Guys in crop tops, huh?

OCV: Is there anything sexier? I am a huge fan of this and gave it a try myself.

LM: What is your one go-to item for any outfit?

OCV: I would love to say something bold like confidence or self-expression but I can’t with a straight face. Great fitting underwear that gets you really excited to take your pants off for your boyfriend even after 2 years of dating.

LM: What is your biggest fashion pet-peeve?

OCV: Fear of androgyny.

LM: What current trend do you hope goes away as soon as possible?

OCV: Beards.

LM: Is there one item you would suggest a guy wear on a first date?

OCV: A black v-neck sweater. Classic and sexy.

LM: What’s your number one fashion tip for traveling in style?

OCV: A pair of sweatpants and loafers go a long way.

LM: Do you have any dating advice?

OCV: Always go on a second date no matter what.

LM: Any funny/horrifying dating stories?

OCV: Nothing that won’t put you to sleep right now.

LM: Lastly, words to live by?

OCV: Fuck it, it's just fashion.

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