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BEHIND THE SEAMS: Seneca Eyewear

I am a sunglasses snob. So when I finally made it down to my last pair of wearable sunglasses, I realized it was time to add to my ever-diminishing collection. Upon graduating college, one of the most important lessons I learned was that spending money on quality sunglasses is an important investment. I'm not talking $800 for a pair of Pradas, but spending between $100-$300 is something I now condone. A few reasons:

1. You take better care of them. It's not the dinky pair you bought on vacation at the boardwalk because they were 'hilarious' or 'so funky and cheap'; it's a pair you need and that made a conscious decision that these are the ones for me! Therefore, you take two extra seconds to put them back in their case as opposed to tossing them to the bottom of your bag.

2. They feel better. They don't stretch out in a day, the lenses don't randomly pop out, and the screws don't become loose after that inevitable first drop.

3. You SEE better. They are clear, unscathed and REALLY protect your eyes.

What, in fact, is my point? I'm getting there.

Seneca Eyewear is the perfect compilation of all the things I look for in my shades. They are classic shapes at an affordable price. They are comfortable and effortlessly cool. Their Warby Parker-like policy makes it easy to shop from home, but makes you feel cooler because not EVERYONE has them yet.

My favorite pair are the Edgar in Black Widow and I give full permission to cop my style. I promise not to throw any shade.

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