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GROOMED: Long Hair Don't Care

Not all men can pull off long locks, but for those who don their hair longer than the girls they sleep with, we thank you. The new wave of Metro has reached a peak in the grooming department and I don't know many girls that are complaining. This, however, does leave men to their own devices to step up their game and prove they can handle the challenege that is long hair. It needs to look effortless, but of course that requires effort. Here are our few favorite looks and the easy steps behind achieving them.

Polished, clean and allll down:

1. Section off each layer of hair, starting from the bottom to the top into small buns, using bobby pins or hair ties. Each section should be a very thin layer of hair, about 1-2 inches wide.

2. Brush through the first section you are going to style.

3. Apply straightener to the top of the hair by the scalp (careful not to burn) and pull down to the end.

4. Brush through the piece and repeat.

This takes a while, but will pay off if you are looking to attain that sleek look.

For the half pony, to get this full effect, first refer to the above steps.

After straightening all the hair:

1. Brush all the hair back as cleanly as possible

2. Spray a little hairspray just at the top of the head. I usually spray this from about 5 inches above the head and let it fall down so that it doesn't get too sticky or dry looking.

3. Brush hair once more and use the hair tie to pull into a pony tail.

4. Wrap hair tie around hair about 3-4 times, and on the last time only pull hair half-way out.

Voila, you've got a half pony!

This one is easier said than done. And it does take a while to acheive a truly effortless top bun, however:

1. We normally suggest to keep your hair unstraightened, so that there is thickness and volume.

2. Brush through lightly, but keep the natural look crimp or curl in your hair.

3. Spray lightly with hair spray once or twice about 5 inches away from head.

4. Run hands over hair just to pat down frizz.

5. Turn your head upside down, grab all hair and tie your hair with the hair tie from the bottom up.

6. On the last "wrap" around the hair, let it go crazy.

The messier, the better.

Let it allll hang out:

1. Brush and blow dry hair when you get out of the shower.

2. Spray all of your hair with hair spray, a little more than usual to get it the slightest bit sticky.

3. Take a comb and 'tease' your hair by brushing from the bottom of your hair up. It's usually best to start in the middle and add the volume there.

4. Do this all around your hair to your liking. You can do a little just to add some volume, or a lot for the full 80s hair band effect.

Side braid. If you never had a little sister, we understand why you may not know how to braid, but here's a video that will do more justice than explaining:

By Amelia Williams

Model: Ray Navarro | Photographer: Kayla Estrella

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