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LAST CALL: The Phoenix

It’s not often we venture into the posh surroundings of Beverly Hills, we ARE on a budget. However, this Friday we are looking for our high class hipsters at The Phoenix Bar. Their motto is “No Attitude, No Bottle Service, No Big DJ’s. Just great beer, strong drinks, and Steak Frites.” This place sounds right up our alley. Throw in the life size Jenga, Cards of Humanity, and plenty of pool tables, and we are sold for a night of debauchery in the 90210. You never know which leather coat guy is going to be your Prince Charming with a Rolls Royce, so cozy on up in the rustic, farmhouse inspired décor and get ready for some perusing. Try their signature Old Fashioned or our favorite Elderflower Martini for a little liquid courage, this one is going to be a night for the books.

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