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SOCIAL: Munitio Headphones Reset Event

Music is our lifeline - no seriously, it fucking is. We are tired of $10 headphones that break in two weeks and offer sub-par sound quality; we are bored to death of everybody wearing the same exact pair of "cool" headphones. So, we were thrilled to attend the Munitio Reset Event, which showcased their innovative headphones. Guests had the opportunity to plug in their phones into the different sized headphones for an interactive experience. No matter how loud the music was, the power and clarity of the headphones shut the world out, besides the music we chose on our phone....perfect for those morning NYC subway rides we all dread!

Being the musical enthusiasts that we are, we wanted to learn a little more about the brand. We managed to get a one-on-one with founder and CEO Daniel Massaro about Munitio before he addressed the crowd.

Labeling Men: How did you get started on this project?

Daniel Massaro: It's been a life long process. I got into music when I was a kid; I got into production as a teenager, got into manufacturing and getting components for motorcycles, cause I grew up loving everything that had to do with quick mobility. I learned manufacturing early on and I married the two - audio with my manufacturing expertise - and I decided that I wanted to create a company unlike any other, that I was able to find myself in the marketplace.

L.M: What distinguishes these headphones from other brands?

D.M: You know, I really don't pay too much attention to what is going on out there with the commonalities, what other companies are doing. I do know for myself that one thing that makes a difference with any product in the marketplace is the attention to detail and also the material selection. So that is what I really put my focus into - selecting the right components and also making sure that we have really strong detail when it comes to the manufacturing process.

L.M: How many different variations do you currently have?

D.M: At first, it was the "Nines," which encompass a nine millimeter driver. Then we have the "40s," which encompass a 40 millimeter driver - a driver is a speaker, in case you didn't know - and now we are launching something to bridge the gap between the two. So we have the ultra compact version, which is the 9 millimeter driver, have the studio grade headphone which is the PRO40, bridging the gap will be the 30 millimeter driver.

L.M: Is that out yet or coming out?

D.M: It is going to come out soon, that is the whole purpose of this [party]. On the 2nd of February, we are going to bring this product to our fan base directly and launching that into the Kickstarter community.

L.M: Where can we get these?

D.M: Online initially, if you want to be one of the first to have it, support our Kickstarter!


Grab your latest pair of innovative and sleek headphones at and like them on Facebook @Munitio.Inc

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