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SOCIAL: Hooters VIP Opening


Hooters - one word, a million opinions. Amazing wings, perverted men, dumb bimbos, beautiful women, great knockers, ultimate sports bar, the number one spot for our #jockofalltrades nationwide. Being Hooters virgins ourselves, our interests were peaked when we were invited to the Hooters VIP opening across from the iconic Madison Square Garden. Walking in, we were impressed with how modern the establishment looked. The two floors, 60 high-def televisions, and sports ticker already has it pegged as the spot to come before Rangers and Knicks games.

The iconic Hooters girls were there serving their world-famous wings in four different variations - our personal favorite was the Thai honey - along with burgers and shrimp. We chatted up the waitresses, clad in their iconic skimpy uniforms, who were nothing short of vivacious and as friendly as can be. Guests - both men and women - were constantly asking for pictures with the girls and they happily obliged. We spoke to Andrea, the Visual Marketing Director of the restaurant, to get the inside scoop on the new locale, which she believes is in the perfect location for New York City.

"Generally our Hooters will have the same feel, but this is in the heart of New York City, that makes it incredibly special. It's right in the middle of everything, it's pretty freakin' awesome!," Andrea said.

She continued to tell us that they want to get away from the "men only" attitude that some people have about the restaurant.

"We want everybody, we want the women, the children, the family. There is something for everybody here. Our girls are some of the most entertaining and friendly and welcoming staff that I've ever been a part of and I've worked with many different regions. We want it to be the restaurant that everybody wants to go to whether it's guys, girls, family, whoever," she said.

Stop by Hooters at 155 W. 33rd Street before or after a game, or make it your latest hangout to watch sporting events of all kinds.


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