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EYHO LA: Project Taco

Whether you're a West Side Sun Junkie, Jock of all Trades looking for the next game, or an Edgar Allan Faux looking for a delicious taco, you will find something scrumptious and CHEAP at Project Taco! Project Taco has locations in Hermosa Beach AND in West Hollywood. Taco Tuesdays are three tacos for $9 with an insane Happy hour everyday from 4-7 pm with $1 off all beer, wine, and sangria!

This great little gourmet taco stand is perfect for a local craft beer, house made sangria or local wine connoisseur. With gluten free and vegan options, this is the prime spot to take your picky eater date! Get your sweetie something sweet like a fonut or ice cream sandwich. There's something for everyone at Project Taco making it the perfect Cheap Date!

Our Fav: Blueberry BBQ Taco with Pork, Blueberry Siracha BBQ Sauce, and Kale-Apple Slaw

Gluten Free: Make it Salad-Style or add a Corn Tortilla

Specialty Drink: House-Made Sangria

6325 Wilshire Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA

34 Pier Ave

Hermosa Beach, CA

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