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NYFW: A/W2015 Laurel Dewitt

Traditionally, Sundays were meant for church. We stuck with that tradition by attending Laurel Dewitt's A/W Runway show at the Holy Apostles Church, featuring her special guest of honor, Amber Rose. If you thought that was different, that was only the beginning. Sending out a child as your first look (and only kidswear look) was bold, yet done without a second thought in Dewitt's genius mind. Rose was put in the middle of the show - yet again, untraditionally so - in a breathtaking tunic, made up of metal paillettes linked together with gold chains.

Dewitt's collection was all hand-crochted metal, going against the grain of our traditional idea of clothing. After the finale piece - a breathtaking ball gown ascending in a series of caged tiers - came down the runway and stood in front of the church, people swarmed to see more of this moving piece of art. We were quickly whisked away backstage for an interview with Dewitt, whose mom Ellen came in at the same time to congratulate her daughter on her collection. Joking about having her mom getting an interview too (we totally were game) we sat down with Laurel Dewitt to discuss her collection and Amber Rose.

Labeling Men: Tell us about the inspiration behind this amazing collection.

Laurel Dewitt: For me, it was just finding new ways to kind of manipulate metal and create new fabric. It's literally creating it from spools of chain and individual links and I punch every hole; some people would say I "crochet metal." For me, just pushing myself as an artist and kind of getting new silhouettes and figuring out how to do it. There are no books on how to make this stuff and I'll make something and something else will evolve from it.

L.M: And what is one of your favorite pieces?

L.D: I would say the fringe, there is a mesh dress with fringe that covers the right areas. I think that it is very clean, very wearable, less costume, I think it is a perfect dress for the red carpet. I am really proud that I was able to make a super wearable stretchy form-fitting dress.

L.M: What was the inspiration to use Amber Rose?

L.D: I dressed her for the VMAs and it was an instant bond. She kind of is the woman that is very sexy and the VMAs was her first carpet after she had her baby, and now this is the first show she was in since she has her baby and she's great.

L.M: Three Words to describe the collection.

L.D: Metal!

L.M: Metal, Metal, Metal?

L.D: ::laughs:: Metal, Sexy, I don't know...Art!

L.M: Again, a great collection, thank you!

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