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NYFW: A/W2015 Skingraft


(snapshots from @skingraftdesigns instagram)

To say we've been looking forward to Skingraft all of NYFW is an understatement. Walking in early, we saw a mob surrounding rapper Fabolous, dressed in all white with his son, Johan, dressed just as dapper as his dad. We were loving Kate Nash's style, MRMS and her hair, and the always fabulous Miss J. Alexander, who was chatting them up. After the audience was "shushed" before the start of the show, it was all about the clothing.

The collection, as described by designer Jonny Cota, was one of "Young nomads trekking through the Peruvian mountains in search for new horizons." Mainly made up of Skingraft's signature black and white - much like the nomads were - Cota did give us a pop of burgundy here and there. His play on geometry popped up with linear lines and occasional triangles on the women's line. Our favorite menswear piece was worn by Willy Cartier, showing off his meticulous design, a jacket with linear lines fading from black to white with a strong presence. Being first timers, this is a show we'll make sure we never miss out on again.

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