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SOCIAL: A/W2015 Sonja Morgan New York Brands


On Tuesday night, we attended the launch of “Real Housewife of NYC," Sonja Morgan’s line “Sonja Morgan New York Brands." Set to debut in Summer 2015, this collection includes ready-to-wear, sportswear, eveningwear, swimwear and a jewelry line. With this collection, Morgan hoped to bring out the idea of “everyday luxury," focusing on transitional daywear-to-nightwear pieces.

On the red carpet, we had a chance to catch up with some special guests who attended the show that evening, including fashion expert, T.V personality and upcoming judge of this season’s RuPaul’s Drag Race, Carson Kressley, international luxury designer Malan Breton, and fellow Real Housewives Kristen Taekman, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps and Carole Radziwill.

Labeling Men: What shows at NYFW have stood out to you the most so far?

Carson Kressley: Ralph Lauren did a phenomenal press show. I used to work there so I’m a huge fan of their brand, huge fan of the company and him. But what I love is sometimes the unexpected things that you see at the emerging designers show, where we have new people who are just starting in the business; we have actual students who are showing for the first time. And I think sometimes you see unfettered creativity because they’re not bound by their brand yet, they’re not worried about what investors are thinking, they’re not worried about who’s sitting in the front row, and they just become so artistic because of that. And I love to see that because I think Fashion Week is all about, you know, new-ness.

Malan Breton: My favorite show so far has probably been Alexander Wang, it was so beautiful. I loved that, and I would probably say, I loved what Costello did this season, you know? Because everyone’s going for that kind of androgynous masculine-feminine thing, and I think they really got it and nailed it. It was very good.

Kristen Taekman: Well, I just came from Elie Tahari...

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps: You know, I loved Dennis Basso. I just went to Georgine today who I love, who’s from Brussels. She just does so many beautiful, glamorous things. Diane von Furstenburg, love her.

L.M: What are you expecting from Sonja’s line?

Malan Breton: I don’t know, Im excited about the surprise! It’s interesting when you’re friends, because I’ve been in the industry for so long, it’s interesting to see your friend’s perspective in fashion. Because she’s got such a - she enjoys being very sexy - and you know I’m very excited to see that and see what she does.

L.M: How has being on The Real Housewives of New York City affected your personal style?

Carole Radziwill: You know, I have to get more dressed up, you know? I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. Because I work from home, sometimes I don’t even get into my jeans. But this show has required me to step it up a little bit, but in a good way! You know, I just wear what makes me feel good, not trying to be a big fashionista or anything, but I like clothes, I like fashion, so it gives me an opportunity to wear something other than my Levi’s.

[Kristen Taekman was also very excited to speak about her new nail polish line, “Pop of Color”, launching at Ricky’s New York in about 6 weeks. It was featured that night on all of the models at the Elie Tahari show.]

Kristen Taekman: It’s really exciting, because it’s so cool-downtown-funky-New York, and it’s made in New York, sold in New York, and I’m on a New York-based show, so it’s like really cool, you know! I have been obsessed with nail polish forever, and I always like to joke that I like to wear sort of like, neutral tones, or a lot of black and white, and then throw in a pop of color whether it was lips or nails or like cool bright shoes, so the name was totally by chance. So I’m really excited! It’s really insane when you have an idea or thought and it kind of comes in. My husband sells EBOOST at Ricky’s, so he had a connection there. So my name kind of came up and they said “let’s work together”, and I was like “well, I’ve always wanted to do a nail polish line.” And it’s crazy when it’s there, it’s yours!

Following the red carpet we were able to see the show. Set in the intimate Carriage House Center for the Arts, the atmosphere was beaming with excitement and anticipation, as no one was allowed to reveal anything about Sonja’s line beforehand. The attendees ranged from older New York City socialites to trendy twenty-thirty- somethings sipping on the complimentary Champagne and Rosé. In attendance was Di Mondo—dubbed by the New York Times “the most photographed man in New York”.

House music started to pump from the speakers, and the models began to proceed down the sunburst-lit spiral staircase leading to the runway.

When it came to her collection, we found that it geared toward the older housewife set on looking both hip and classic on a night (or day) out in the city. It included monochromatic two-piece outfits and gowns, utilizing ivory, black, and bright red-orange interspersed with a few grey snakeskin patterned pieces. Our favorite piece happened to be the simple yet stunning red jumpsuit Sonja donned from her own collection; paired with a stunning glistening choker, the plunging, satin-trimmed neckline of the suit achieved a classy yet slightly daring, sexy look. We congratulate Sonja on her new venture, and look forward to seeing how her plunge into the fashion world within the realm of reality television will fare her.

Photographed and written by Rebecca Hidalgo

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