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LAST CALL: NYC Edition Maysville

Duck out of the cold NYC night and into a warm and unexpected man magnet, Maysville in the Flat Iron District. While Maysville is a far cry from the rowdy bars and dive bars we know and love, we found that its crawling with sexy singles. Pull up a seat at the bar and you’ll find young entrepreneurs working on their latest project, the foodie hipster reading some poetry, or a Southern Charmer testing out the Kentucky inspired fare.

With an extensive wine list and signature whiskey cocktails that make you forget how many times you’ve ordered, Maysville will keep you liquored up while you peruse the scenery. Our favorite whiskey cocktail, the Hound Dog with Grapefruit, Honey, Mint, and Lime. Avoiding the Gluten? Try a glass of the Sancerre. Once you find him for the night we would suggest sharing a dessert and letting the whiskey take its course.

17 W. 26th Street

Between 6th Ave and Broadway

New York, NY 10010


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