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#MusicMonday: Snappy Jit Interview

Sorry DJ Mustard, but nothing gets this white girl to shake it like my name was Taylor Swift like a Mad Decent banger. My love for all things Diplo began when he put my #1 bad bitch M.I.A. on the map with 2004’s Piracy Funds Terrorism (and, to my utmost jealousy, dated her) and was cemented when he DJ’d the best dance party I’ve ever attended in college (FINE it was technically a “concert” but it my head it was my private party).

Diplo has continued to keep it phresh with his Philadelphia via Los Angeles record label, Mad Decent. Through its periodic “Jeffree’s” mixtapes, Mad Decent has debuted now big-time acts including Baauer, Zebra Katz, and DJ Snake. The first Jeffree’s of 2015 featured the Miami Gardens duo, Snappy Jit, who were kind enough to indulge me in an interview. Read our conversation below and shake your a$$e$ to their tracks on Soundcloud (don’t miss “She Like My Step.”)

Labeling Men: Who is Snappy Jit?

Snappy Jit: Snappy Jit is two people. Both of us have Caribbean backgrounds but Miami is considered home. We are in our late 20’s.

L.M: How come I can’t find any pix of ya’ll on the Interwebs?

S.J: We like to use the characters faces to represent us and the Snappy Jit brand. Initially our focus was more toward kids. We had hopes of doing a cartoon down the line so we came up with a concept about him being from the future. Our initial motivation behind Snappy Jit was to inspire the younger generation. We wanted to give them a positive outlet to express their creativity through dancing. We still have that focus in mind and would like to expand to all ages. For now we would like the Snappy Jit's character to represent us.

L.M: What is your inspiration, sonically?

S.J: Our sound is inspired by the up tempo, sped up, and vocal chant style of Miami dance music. DJ Chip Man and other Miami DJs have been very influential. Other influences include Soca, Jersey club and Dancehall reggae. Black Chiney and various other dancehall DJs had a big impact on our style as well.

L.M: Describe your sound in one sentence.

S.J: Our music is extremely energetic and fun new age Miami dance music.

L.M: How did you get hooked up with Mad Decent?

S.J: We got linked up with Mad Decent through Djemba Djemba. He found us on Soundcloud when we were just starting out. Then a few months later he reposted a couple of our tracks on his page. Shortly after, Mad Decent's A&R Paul Devro contacted us and we begin putting together an EP.

L.M: When are you most inspired?

S.J: Late at night in the studio. L.M: What do you do when you aren’t being Snappy Jit?

S.J: We are always making music but when we aren't focused on Snappy Jit we are in the studio producing and recording for other local artists.

L.M: What are your vices?

S.J: No vices.

L.M: Favorite thing about Miami?

S.J: Endless, but to say a few, we love the weather, food, and cultural diversity.

Interview by Anna Dorn

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