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LAST CALL: No Vacancy

Now, I love secret entrances more than the next person, but No Vacancy takes it next level. The Houston Brothers have once again outdone themselves with a hotel themed bar set in a Victorian house in the middle of Hollywood. How it remains so inconspicuous is beyond me. The only people who wander in to No Vacancy are the ones who are looking for it, and have reservations. This is one of those Fridays that you plan for.

Once your in, a Madame on a bed shows you the entrance to the bar as the bed SLIDES OVER to reveal a stair case. Truth. Then you are able to explore. With indoor and outdoor space all decked out with beautiful hardwood carpentry and the ultimate Gatsby setting, you can really feel like you are in a different world. With all Houston Brother establishments, the men’s style is on point in the excellent Edgar Allan Faux, Hopeless Romantic way that we love. Grab a handcrafted cocktail, sit back, and watch the tight rope walkers, and we aren’t just talking about the too drunk girls looking for love. We mean actual tight rope walkers. Finding him will be a piece of cake.

1727 N Hudson Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 465-1902)

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