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#MusicMonday: Lege Kale

Anyone who read my *Definitive Trap Music Bible* is familiar with my deep love for Atlanta-based trap star Waka Flocka Flame. For those of you who missed it – first off, my sincerest apologies; second, I think Waka’s 2010 chef-d'oeuvre Flockaveli is one of the best rap albums ever made (and, yes, I’m aware that I’m prone to extreme statements). And while it’s difficult to successfully remix a masterpiece, Lege Kale and Oshi took on this daunting task with aplomb in remixing Waka’s strongest track, “O Let’s Do It,” this February. Listen below and read my conversation with one-half of the driving force behind this captivating banger. Naturally, he is in college and makes music on his MacBook Pro.

Labeling Men: Who the hell are you??

Lege Kale: My name's Malik Keith, I work under the production name Lege Kale. I'm eighteen, I'm from Columbus, Ohio, but currently repping Athens, Ohio as I go to Ohio University.

Labeling Men: What are you working on right now?

Lege Kale: I have an upcoming EP coming out called "The Colours EP," so check that out on April 28th of this year.

Labeling Men: How long have you been making music?

Lege Kale: I've been doing music for going on eight years, so it's been a minute, haha.

Labeling Men: How did you get hooked up with Oshi?

Lege Kale: And I got teamed up with Oshi because I asked him, haha. Me and him are semi-close. I used to talk to him all the time and we'd chat it up, haha.

Labeling Men: Dream collaboration?

Lege Kale: It would be kinda dope to work with Carmack. He and Sam G got me started on this path. I heard about their music and it just took me. I loved the trap elements and the amazing beat drops. It just fit me so well.

Labeling Men: What inspires you?

Lege Kale: I'm inspired most by my peers. When I see them do well it makes me want to do well because I see us all succeeding, we're all shining. But the music itself, that's the primary purpose, because it's fun, I love it, and I happen to be good at it, haha.

Labeling Men: What do you use to make music?

Lege Kale: I mostly make music using my laptop, which is a MacBook Pro 15. I use an edited version of FL Studio. Since I've been getting more into this whole scene I've started to beef up some hardware. I currently own a speaker set and multiple midi keyboards. I plan on expanding my collection in the future.

Labeling Men: How would you describe your music?

Lege Kale: My music in my opinion is ever-flowing, It never stops or ends, it just keeps flowing, adapting, changing, getting better, never stagnant.

Labeling Men: Do you have a favorite song of yours?

Lege Kale: I currently don't have a favorite, although one of my TOP favs is an unreleased joint y'all should be hearing real soon.

By Anna Dorn

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