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#MusicMonday: Les Sins

If your preferred mode of transportation is a fixed-gear, your favorite movie was directed by Wes Anderson, and you only drink coffee from a Chemex, you likely lost it when Toro Y Moi’s What For? dropped last week. Perhaps unshockingly, I was not among this crew. Toro Y Moi has always bored me, and you will never see me on a bicycle.

That said, I've recently fallen in love with cutie Chaz Bundick's side project, Les Sins. As Les Sins' debut album, Michael, was released last November, I'm admittedly late to the party. But the album still sounds fresh, and infinitely more exciting than Bore-o Y Moi. In fact, at around the time Michael dropped, Bundick himself told The FADER: "I just kind of got bored with those types of chord progressions and those types of melodies." So he started creating dancier tracks under a moniker as a way "to make weirder music without having to feel I'm alienating Toro Y Moi. [It's] kind of nice to do whatever kind of song I want without having to worry about it being accessible." Sawwy basics!

So instead of falling asleep to What For? this week, shake it to Les Sins.

Listen here: Les Sins Mix

By Anna Dorn

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