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LIFESTYLE: Upright Citizens Brigade

Tom Middleditch UCB

There are only so many ways to impress your date on a budget. We find the best way, is keep it funny. Check out the Facebook Show at the improv theater, Upright Citizens Brigade to laugh for hours at other expense, trust us, its worth it. For $5.00 you can watch comedians and audience members pour out their Facebook lives infront of an audience. Even better? Its BYOB. That’s right, brown bag it with a bottle of wine to increase the laugh factor and take the pressure off your first date jitters.

Check out the UCB website below for a complete schedule of events in LA and in NYC. Each show is 5 big ones. Be sure to get there early, the line piles up. Luckily there are a slew of bars in the always hip Franklin Village to keep you entertained.

5919 Franklin Ave

Los Angeles, CA

(323) 908-8702

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