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EYHO LA: Casa La Dona

Casa la Dona

As you may have caught on, we at Labeling Men love our tacos, and Los Angeles has some of the best. We recently found the ultimate taco spot that serves up the most delicious tacos we’ve ever had at $1.75 each, and no this isn’t a Taco Tuesday special, this is all day every day. Casa la Dona in downtown LA is the answer to our taco prayers. The corn tortillas are handmade every single day to create the perfect, thick, tortilla to go under the flavor packed meat of your choosing. The Carne Asada and Al Pastor are our personal favorites. In true Cali style, the toppings are only onions and cilantro, the perfect balance to go with the 18 homemade salsas. Yes, 18. Each salsa has a little some special which makes your decision nearly impossible, our recommendations are the Fresh Green and the Mango Cilantro.

On the outskirts of the fashion district, all of our Smooth Criminals and Urban Kings now have the perfect spot to impress their fashionista and keep some extra dollars in their wallets. Just a little insider tip, Casa la Dona does have a Taco Tuesday special for $1.00 tacos however they forgo their signature handmade tortillas, not worth it. Be sure to check out their Agua Fresca and Horchata with new flavors daily, you can’t go wrong.

800 South Main Street

Los Angeles, CA 90014


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