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EYHO NY: SRO Pizza Speakeasy

Pizza and Speakeasy don't usually go together...or do they? We asked ourselves the very same question when we headed over to SRO Speakeasy Pizza, New York City's only pizza speakeasy. For those who were wondering, "SRO" stands for Single Room Occupancy - which was cheap housing for men- as we're sure every New York City #EdgarAllanFaux wishes still existed! As we made our way to the back and into the speakeasy, we couldn't help but notice the art on the walls. We chatted with Maitre d' hotel Claudine, who told us that all the artwork was of 'Old School Bowery' and they wanted to give a nod to that era. After mentioning that we are a men’s publication, Claudine insightfully noted that "Guys like pizza,” and boy do we agree. Our #EdgarAllenFauxs also need simple, and with only five choices, they take away that annoying "what am I going to have" feeling most of us get when looking at an overly complex menu. We were first served the "Secret Pizza," which won't be a secret for long! Black truffle cream, mozzarella cheese, and sliced summer truffles had this melting in our mouths from the first bite, bursting with freshness and creaminess. Fun truffle fact - as the black truffle is heated, the aroma becomes only more intense, which certainly helped the Neapolitan-inspired pizza. If for some reason "The Secret Pizza" is no more, "The Ave. B" with Brussels sprouts, pancetta, garlic, and Buffalo mozzarella, is a great alternate for a nice veggie/salty Italian meat combination. After hearing that the Pizza Iola - that is pizza chef for us Americans - was a world champion from Naples, guests just kept wanting more and more. Attendees included infamous IG handle "Food Baby NY," kid hand in all. With Pinot Noir and Chardonnay to wash down the scrumptious pizza, guests were already planning their next Friday night dates at this speakeasy. Bring your #EdgarAllenFaux here to the first ever pizza speakeasy...which is surely here to stay!

334 Bowery, New York, NY 10012

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