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IN CROWD: Lulu's Most Stylish Men in NYC Shoot

Last week we went behind the scenes for Lulu's "Most Stylish Men in NYC" photo shoot. While each guy had hashtags of their own, we were swooning over the Lulu's hand-picked #HopelessRomantics and #CaptainKennedys. Putting the power in women's hands, the app has revolutionized the way ladies in New York City are dating, assigning ratings and clever hashtags to the gaggle of men they now hold the power to judge. While chatting up with the guys at the shoot, none of them seemed to mind being judged, agreeing that the app helps ladies find a well-suited male for whatever their heart's desire may be. We spoke in depth with one of the "Most Stylish Men," Ryan Fisher, 34, owner of a luxury lighting company in New York City, as well as the owner of one of the funniest hashtags Lulu has to offer. Learn more about Ryan and then download Lulu - trust us, this is one app you cannot live without.

Labeling Men: When did you first hear about Lulu?

Ryan Fisher: I heard about Lulu through a bunch of friends while out watching football. Out of nowhere my friend's wife just shouts out, "Do you know you're on this app Lulu with all these ratings and hashtags about you?" This was a few years ago. So she pulled it up and showed me and it got passed around the bar and we had some laughs about it and then the guys started checking themselves out as well.

Labeling Men: Is there a particular hashtag that represents you or you think is funny?

Ryan Fisher: Oh man! I don't remember all of them, but I can tell you the one that my friends make fun of me for is #CuddlesAfter. I get slack from my buddies from that one!

Labeling Men: That's really funny! Have you gotten any positive results from being on Lulu?

Ryan Fisher: Not so much that I've met women from Lulu, but they have come across me on other social media platforms such as Facebook or Tinder for that matter and used Lulu as a research app. Everybody I asked about my rating or hashtags all came out positive, even the "bad" hashtags were pretty good!

Labeling Men: That's awesome! We're a website about men's fashion, so tell us what you would wear on a first date.

Ryan Fisher: I would have to think about where we'd be going, whether it was casual or more formal, the where-to is the first part of it. I don't want to be way too over-dressed for a meeting for a cocktail and on the flip side, coming in shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt for a nice dinner. You could never go wrong with a shirt, a blazer, and a good pair of jeans; it's a solid go-to. Also add some color to your shirt, that usually helps.

Labeling Men: If you have only five minutes left before you have to run out the door, what are you doing to prepare for your date?

Ryan Fisher: I'm brushing my teeth, I'm grabbing a pair of nice Chucks or creative kicks but clean, quick eye drop, deodorant, chapstick, don't want to show up with really dry lips on the first date!

Labeling Men: Is there a fashion faux-pas that when you see on a girl you cringe a little?

Ryan Fisher: For sure, I check their finger nail polish. If it's a disaster, you question whether she takes care of herself. I do look at everything so the whole package, but I notice if the nail polish is a mess, for some reason it triggers a negative vibe in me.

Labeling Men: Do you have any funny dating stories?

Ryan Fisher: I was recently new to Los Angeles and I took out an older girl and we went to a nice restaurant and she went for the full menu. She went for a full appetizer, followed by a two pound lobster, and half a bottle of champagne. I moved to LA at 24, my first job, starting to sweat bullets a little bit as to what the price tag is going to be and even questioning what I'm going to eat. The date went fairly well and I tell my dad about the date when he goes back and says, "For a lobster and a bottle of champagne, I hope you tapped that ass." Which having your very conservative father saying this to you is crazy, but even he was blown away, so it made for a funny story.

Labeling Men: Do you think the dating scene is different in LA versus NYC?

Ryan Fisher: It's completely different. The people in NYC have more of a sincere quality in them. In LA the vibe is they are dating to use people to get a meal or to get ahead, and in NYC there are so many people here that they go on dates because they like and want to get to know the person. The ulterior motives in LA just aren't here in NYC, so I would say the dating scene here is exponentially better.

Labeling Men: Last but not least, do you have any dating advice for men?

Ryan Fisher: I would say make sure you're having a good time. If it's not fun for you than there is no way she will have fun. While you can concern yourself with what she wants to do, make sure you include yourself. Make sure it's the type of restaurant or bar that you would like to go to because if you aren't having a good time, nobody will!

Download Lulu and rate your latest dates.

Photographs provided by Lulu, from their "Most Stylish Men in NYC" shoot

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