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11:30 AM: CWST SS2016 Collection:

Collection Overview:

CWST's latest is one collection that makes us feel like we are back in our California headquarters instead of New York City. The effortlessness yet expertise in craftsmanship is exemplified in every single piece. We loved the layered looks with tanks, sweatshirts, jackets and shorts. It will be virtually impossible for any guy not to want every single piece when the collection hits stores. Although the line is born in California, we noticed the surprisingly darker undertones - "from light to dark," as CWST was calling it - and found out just where the inspiration for the collection lied...Death Valley. The collection is inspired by the long textured shadows of the valley, rare flowers, and more.

Quote from the Designer:

"I think typically people think of California as beach, sunshine, porches and blonde girls, and we want to tell a much broader story. For this season, it was Death Valley and the extreme conditions there, vast desert landscapes and how difficult it is to live there. Typically people think of death when they think of Death Valley but there is a lot of life there too."

Three words to label your collection: Low-key Luxury

11:45AM: GARCIAVELEZ SS2016 Collection:

Collection Overview:

In his second presentation, mens newcomer GARCIAVELEZ is already showing that he belongs with the best of the rest. His SS16 collection brings his architectural expertise - he is a Harvard Architectural Professor - to the forefront with angular jackets and linear tops, which are tailored to perfection. The hints of neon were daring enough but not overly garish.

While walking the room, we couldn't help noticing that the music managed to correlate perfectly with the mood and tone of the collection, which elevated the atmosphere. We went over to chat with DJ Parker Bradford Radcliffe about his musical selections and inspirations he personally took from the collection. "Alongside the stylist, Michael Philouze, I carefully selected sounds that would act as a duet to the story of gradience in both the design and colors of the collection... Moments of ambient airiness with pockets of grounding infused by real rock 'n' roll. The collection is both futuristic and classic and that's the balance I intended to create."

The packed room of avid menswear afficionados were chatting away, noticing all the subtleties the collection brought out the more you looked at it. We managed to snag the designer Carlos Garciavelez to tell us about the inspiration.

Quote from Designer:

"This collection is inspired by the nomad, the guy who wants to get out of the metropolitan city. The idea of revealing and picking pieces of color that actually allow you to express life."

Three words to label your collection: Life, Performance, Nomad.

1 PM: BOYSWEAR SS16 Presentation:

Collection Overview:

Contemporary line Boyswear is always filled with surprises, to say the least. When we stepped into the presentation, it actually took us a minute to figure out what was happening. The SS16 collection - which designer Jackson McKeehan dubs "The Manson Family Singers" - combines the Manson Family with "The Sound of Music" family with tippings from the late 1960s and early 1970s hippie culture. We love the playfulness of the collection, while at the same time being able to wear pieces separately if so desired. We marveled at Mckeehan's ability to always "go there" when others don't.

Designer's three words to label the collection: Fun, Colorful, and Easy.

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