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#MusicMonday: Summertime Sadness

A few months ago, I wrote about the colossal high that accompanies summer’s imminence, pointing to the evaporation of winter’s gloom and the pleasures of wearing jorts. Sadly, the laws of physics dictate that every high is followed by a low. Ok, I made up that up; I’m neither a science scholar nor am I convinced of its existence. But in my limited, THC-clouded experience, I’ve noticed that while winter’s low temperatures and decreased sunlight can lead to more frequent cases of the blues, there is a particularly pronounced type of melancholy that occurs when the rest of the world is bright and sunny. With its prevalence of exuberant children running through sprinklers and attractive couples dining al fresco, summer can make one feel especially lame while cruising Tumblr alone at still bright 8pm. Just imagining here! Anyway, Lana Del Rey’s eerie trip-hop ballad, “Summertime Sadness,” perfectly captures the peculiar experience of feeling gloomy while the world is in bloom. Below is a list of songs to enable you to fully embrace your summer blues and hopefully drown out the harsh sounds of mosquitos chirping and children laughing. Enjoy!

Listen Here: $ummertime $adness

  • “Untitled” – Interpol

  • “Leaves” – Miguel

  • “Leave Me Alone” – New Order

  • “Yes I’m Changing” – Tame Impala

  • “Help Me Lose My Mind” – Disclosure, London Grammar

  • “Demon” – Shamir

  • “2Shy” – Shura

  • “Born To Die” – Lana Del Rey

  • “Pretty Girls” – Little Dragon

  • “Forgiveness” – Made in Heights

  • “Losing You” – Solange

  • “Girl” – The Internet, Kaytranada

  • “Nothing Even Matters” – Lauryn Hill, D’Angelo

  • “No Police” – Doja Cat

  • “Hurt (Prod. Suicideyear)” – Yung Lean

  • “Pull” – Spooky Black

  • “Wen Uuu” – Shlohmo

  • “Reprise (T Hemingway Remix)” – Gold Panda

  • “Twisted Mirror” – Pure X

  • “Looks Just Like the Sun” – Broken Social Scene

  • “New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down” – LCD Soundsystem

  • “Lived in Bars” – Cat Power

  • “Sister” – Sufjan Stevens

  • “Cherry” – Ratatat

  • “Then It’s White” – The Field

By Anna Dorn

Photograph courtesy of

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