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6:30pm: Arden Wohl x Cri de Coeur Disruptive Fashion Experience

The Arden Wohl x Cri de Couer presentation was done via a public installation on the corner of 30th Street and 8th Avenue. Getting us excited for our own trip to Paris in a few weeks, the collection breathed French elegance, transporting you from a New York City corner to your Parisian dreams. The fun and flirty variety of shoes attracted a large NYC crowd, excited to be a part of the beginnings of New York Fashion Week. We spoke to Wohl about her inspiration behind the collection: " My creation process is deeply inspired by my love for music and design, and is a reflection of the elegant yet edgy woman."

7:00pm: 1177 Showroom Opening Soiree

A little later in the evening we headed uptown to 1177 (Eleven Seventy-Seven) USA Showroom Opening Soirée hosted by stylist Lauren Rae Levy. Walking into the beautiful new space, we ran into model, muse, and Rochelle's Creative Director Brett David. Making our way around the room, we loved the vending machine of socks - great for when you need a new pair on the go or when NYC rainstorms get the best of you. Made from the finest fabrics, 1177's socks are the industry leader in heat dissipation, sweat expulsion, and moisture absorption. These are socks all of our #labeled men could use. We couldn't help but see the reflexology station sponsored by MySpa2Go - the treat every person gearing up for NYFW needs. Alleviating pressure from all the walking while sipping on some Maso Martis sparkling rose and white wine got us forgetting- for just a second - where we were. Getting to try on the socks, and keep them, while getting our massage, we noticed how much more comfortable having a distinct left/right sock is. Each guest attending left with a pair of stylish socks, Madame Paulette's Professional Stain Remover, and more.

9:00pm: Arden Wohl x Cri de Coeur Afterparty

For a nightcap, we headed downtown to the Gramercy Park Hotel Rose Bar, where Wohl was having her celebration on a well-received line. Drawing once again from her Parisian inspiration, the self-proclaimed hotspot features included a limestone fireplace, elegant velvet couches, and a 25 foot banquette of silk velvet. Showcasing Wohl's love for music, there was an eclectic lineup of musicians playing for the crowd. We couldn't choose our favorite, enjoying Eleanor Freidberger (half of The Fiery Furnaces) whose music fit the mood to perfection, and Simon Doom, whose stage presense was second to none. Chatting with the other guests, they were enjoying themselves and loved the soothing atmosphere - after all, NYFW kick-off has just begun!

Written and Photographed by Nisim Frank

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