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5pm: TiA CiBANi SS16 Presentation

TiA CiBANi SS16 introduced crisp minimalism to a celebration of light and love. Photographers sipped lemonade behind bulky equipment while models became standing works of art. The presentation offered a calming intimacy, narrowed by a space with thin hallways and elevated by the design from uninterrupted inspiration. Samba festivities and Brazilian culture danced in the air with colorful instrumental sounds. On-lookers moved serenely from each styled group to the next, humbled by Mother Nature’s simple touches of beauty. The garments of raw silk, cotton poplin, and suede cupro were framed by greenery from Fox Fodder Farm. Foam slides by Birkenstock dominated the accessories in Haidee Findlay-Levin’s styling touches. Balancing the fluidity of the ecru sugar pallet were simple lines of color trailing down circle skirts, which smartly curled within CiBANi’s draping. Outside and down a flight into the backyard jungle stood crow black jumpsuits, tunics, and trousers – all protected in light and good vibes thanks to glass dream catcher necklaces.

6:30pm: 3NY’s NYFW Kickoff Party

Conversation on the devouring of labels circled fashion gurus and guests at 3NY’s NYFW Kickoff Party. The SoHo boutique housed a friendly bunch of Zara clad bloggers and photographers – getting their post-work breather by mingling among racks of carefully selected designs. Mouths gaped to the tile floor as the upscale manifestation of modern style Issued a kind of neoprene net heaven. Originally strange accessories trouble-shoot any personal creativity block – like Come Clean’s pop culture figurines (think Bart Simpson) frozen in translucent soap bars. Above the soaps stand royal blue clutches stitched with tasteful and blunt “free-the-nipple-esq” nude illustrations. Hosted by Lexicon of Style, the raffle giveaway featured wearable art. Made up of true-blue elegance in Erin Dana’s backpack and paired with one Lexicon of Style bold yet versatile scarves. Loyal customers and their plus-one guests enjoyed refreshments and music by DJ Esquire. Unique in its curating, 3NY makes a statement to excite and dare.

7pm: Target Style

Our next stop of the evening was the premiere of Target's advertisement push in Vogue, where they recreate classic Vogue images with Target products. #Targetstyle brought in the top guns of the industry with models such as Imaan Hammam, Edie Campbell, and Karen Elson. Upon checking in, we were given a bracelet with a QR scanner code with a number – a la "The Hunger Games.” As soon as we entered, there were photographers everywhere asking you to strike your best pose with their models at each turn. Our favorite was getting in the middle of four female models, while being told to do different poses with them. Modeling is not an easy job and these ladies did their jobs flawlessly. Moving from the main room, we had to do a double take when we entered. In the middle of the room, there was a carousel with different glamorous white birds that you could ride - just like when you were a kid. Having a Vogue twist, each bird had a video camera that recorded your journey on the ride.

8pm Simply Be for ANTM

Jetting to the meatpacking district to the Soho House screening room, we watched America's Next Top Model's current season in plush chairs with fellow bloggers and ANTM judge Kelly Cutrone. Having a "viewing party" while watching the judges comments in person sent the room into hysterics - especially Cutrone's comment about a models face looking like "a dehydrated apple." We saw some male models in the show that we can definitely see succeeding past the show.

The screening was put on by ANTM sponsor Simply Be, which is a clothing line that ranges for women sizes 8-28. Noted guests who attended the event were stylist/blogger Jorge Gallegos, stylist Tamara Rappa, Margie Ashcroft, and Liz Black. Guests enjoyed cocktails while we chatted with Rappa about NYFW, Soul Cycle instructors, and the beautiful articles of clothing by Simply Be.

8:30pm: Lexz Pryde featuring Snoop Dogg Debut

A palm-tree pop soiree at No. 8 happened at the end of the night with lines of club attired party-goers. Lexz Pryde celebrated her debut single “Motivate” featuring Snoop Dogg, as DJ Self spun infectious and blaringly pumped-up beats. Us Weekly, Huffington Post, and PR Photos lined along a red carpet to welcome an exclusive guest list including R. Marcos Taylor from Straight Outta Compton and Farrah Krenek from Orange is the New Black. Mystery and discretion is always promised at No. 8 - the West Coast styled reincarnation of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Our lips are sealed, but check out our snap shots and “join the cult of 8.”

Written & Photographed by Nisim Frank and Gwen Leogrande

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