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12:15pm Kate Spade Presentation

We started our day with our every #CaptainKennedy girl’s dream, Kate Spade. Knowing we would have the opportunity to soak up the last bit of a weekend summer morning, we couldn’t wait to head over to the studio. As soon as we entered, we felt transported to a Sunday morning brunch on a city rooftop. Waiters passed around bagels, mini bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, champagne, and ice tea to round out this “intersection of daydreams.” Flowers spread across the entire studio, with florists making the handpicked bouquets the guests selected. We marveled over the use of florals, ribbons and sequence in many of the designs, and fell in love with the use of animal-inspired accessories.

2:00pm Betsey Johnson Runway Show

The biggest spectacle that NYFW has to offer is always the Betsey Johnson runway show - and of course the pre-show that comes before. Arriving early before the madness that ensues, we got to talk to Sia’s muse and Dance Mom star Maddie Ziegler, along with her mom Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni. Ziegler, who is now Johnson’s newest brand ambassador for her colorful new dance performance label Capezio, was so excited to talk to fans and spectators, we even caught her giving advice to young dancers.

As the venue was filling and the production was about to begin, we spotted our favorite New York Housewife Countess Luann de Lesepps, who told us, “Betsey is Betsey! I still have some of her pieces from when I was a kid.” Right before the show started, a huge uproar came about when cast members of “Orange Is The New Black” came out including Lea DeLaria, Emma Myles and Jackie Cruz. After the show we chatted with DeLaria, and she remarked how much fun she always has at Betsey Johnson.

For this season, Betsey Johnson was inspired by the art of dance, dedicating the show to her childhood dance teacher Ann K. Pimm, calling it “The Curious Case of Betsey Button.” Going along with the theme, Johnson invokes her undeniable spirit into every piece. The girls danced up and down the runway to the different genres of music, and had the audience in awe the entire time. The collection featured Johnson’s signature pop colors, dancewear inspired skirts, tons of tulle - the classic Betsey we love, but modernized. The models ended the show by dancing with Betsey. Because this show marked her 50 years in fashion, the models came out holding shiny balloons with 50s. And as always, because it was a Betsey show, she ended the show with a cartwheel and a split, shaking the hands of everyone in the front row, sharing her sparkly Stetson, and thanking all in attendance.

4:00pm: Control Sector at “Style Fashion Week”

One of our favorite designers from the very beginnings of Labeling Men has been Control Sector, who we interviewed in LA, and have used in various photo editorials. The trio was first up at the "Style Fashion Week,” showing off their latest collection "Laniakea.” Taking inspiration from the galaxy super-clutter, it’s no surprise the collection was out of this world. Our favorite moment was when the model came down in a Segway and sunglasses in a monochromatic jacket with a leaf print. Always toeing the lines between street wear and high fashion, Control Sector managed once again to deliver stunning original pieces that simply can't be replicated anywhere else

6:00: CLUBWEAR Runway Show

While waiting for a show to start Thursday night, our neighbor had on shoes to die for, so naturally we had to ask her about them. We found out her name was Christine Storm, whom we thought at first was a socialite, but then really learned that she is a triple threat. Not only is she stunning, but she is a singer and designer. She and her husband created a label for women to go to the club in. Upon hearing this, we thought “another high end label to go to your favorite dance spot on a Friday night.” Storm rightfully corrected us, and we could not wait to see her show on the next day. This is a line to sport while going to the golf club or tennis club, and it doubles as a look to wear out to your favorite nightclub or dance spot. The shine of the material, the accented use of gold patterns throughout some of the pieces caught everyone’s eye. The girls hit the runway with their favorite accessory—whether it was their tennis racket or a clutch for the nightlife. Storm told us a menswear line is coming in the future and we can't wait to see what's happening next from this triple threat.

6:30pm: Uwi Twins at “Style Fashion Week”

Menswear duo, The Uwi Twins, made their New York Fashion Week debut at the "Style Fashion Week" show at Gotham Hall, dubbing their collection "I Left My Heart in Africa.” Wanting to show their journey from their humble Rwandan beginnings to today, they showed a short documentary before the show. The best part that got every member in the audience cheering was a traditional African dance routine that segued into a modern piece produced by their brother, Uway.

Having interviewed the twins for their own feature [coming out in our October issue], we had an inkling of what the collection had in store for us, but were blown away by the execution. Playing off of geometry, we loved the contrast of simple whites, greys, and blacks mixed into every piece, which made them unique on their own. Each outfit was just that - a complete outfit that was thought about from head-to-toe so consumers would want to have that complete look. Towards the end, we saw hints of color in red and pink as to not to ignore the spring, and a pair of jeans that we wanted to buy immediately off the runway. The Uwi Twins received the loudest ovation thus far, marking their spot in the United Stated for many seasons to come.

Written & Photographed by Nisim Frank and Eric Ascher

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