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IN CROWD: RappAround PR's Press Preview

Stationed at the Paramount Hotel was RappAround PR's Spring 2016 Press Preview, intimately booking appointments for a one-on-one exploration of fluid design. At 5pm sharp, unisex collections filled the presentation.

Designer booths included various minimalist jewelry brands. LZZR debuted geometric lines creating rectangles and squares as windows laying against the body. Huckleberry LTD embraced a morning “I woke up like this” simplicity. Our favorite piece was the “Huck Band,” subtly encrusted on its edge with your choice of blue sapphire or ruby diamond inlays.

In the corner of the room, highlighted as the new, American-made luxury for men, was Cameron Scott Gardner. Gardner holds a global vision for the accessories brand, featuring fine Italian and French leathers assembled next to copper hardware from Japan.

Coveted in the capsule were textured yet sleek bags: The Carry Along, The Duffle, and The Backpack. All are glossy, appearing glazed with masculinity. “Available in black,” the functional designs retail around $600 - $1,500. Available on November 27th, the Holiday 2015 Capsule Collection and the Spring 2016 Collection will dominate holiday wish lists.

By Gwen Leogrande

Photos courtesy of Rapparound PR Consulting

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