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SOCIAL: Andrea Mary Marshall Photography Exhibit

​Brace yourselves for our weekend shenanigans of gorilla-masked women dribbling milk down bare chests...

Currently on display at The Garis and Hahn Gallery on Bowery is Andrea Mary Marshall - The Feminist Calendar 2016. Twelve saturated portraits hang as Marshall’s interpretation of tire company and annual pin-up supplier, the Pirelli Calendar. The special edition calendar has double-sided pages showcasing Marshall as she experiments with the feminine expression (and rubber tires).

Behind the lens she plans two separate yet similar worlds. In one, Marshall becomes the essence of “sex sells” in red lipstick, latex, and tire track marks. This speaks towards her stylized power that is empowering to both mind and body. In another world, Marshall is bare faced and serious, posing for a natural truth that is, again, all her own. Both worlds share the need to celebrate and redefine ‘self-objectification’ as self empowerment.

Enjoy the sex and influence drive here, now until November 14th.

Garis & Hahn 263 Bowery New York, NY 10002

Written and Photographed by Gwen Leogrande

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