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EVVY met us in Silverlake, CA to shoot for our In His Clothes series recently, which was a far cry from her hometown of Long Island, NY. Slightly tired from the night before, she was a pleasure to throw things on, as long as it wasn't overtly sexy. "I didn't realize I'd be wearing this today," she said light-heartedly. We promised we'd make it work, and no surprise, the shots came out beautifully.

EVVY, who is heating up the charts , released her self-titled album in 2014. The upbeat songs accompanied by incredible vocals make the EP an effortless listen. The stand out track for us was "Collide," which has been on repeat since we first started streaming it through Spotify (or Tidal or iTunes). In a close second, "Never Let You Go's" catchy beat and simple lyrics made it an instant obsession as well.

After the shoot, we decided to play our favorite game (second to spin the bottle), 21 Questions. Asking her the most random questions under the sun, we were happy she was able to have as a good time with it as we did. Check out her answers below.

What is your present state of mind?

"What should I have for lunch today? I have so much laundry to do…"

Three songs you're listening to right now?

"ILYSB" by LANY, "Beat of My Drum" by Powers, "Roses" byThe Chainsmokers.

Musical mentor?

I had many musical mentors growing up, as well as many artists that inspired me to be me.

Favorite memory that is sparked by a song?

There are so many. Every song I cherish comes with a memory, but one is "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. My claim to fame in elementary school, I performed this song at my third grade talent show.

Favorite fashion trend on a guy?

Fitted jean or leather jacket.

Least favorite fashion trend for a guy?

Man Bun.

What do you label your personal style?

Casual Boho Chic.

Cook or order out?

Cooking is fun when I have the time, but I do find myself eating out a lot.

Favorite food?

Portuguese food and tacos.

Club or dive bar?

Dive bar.

Favorite fictional hero?

Since I've been watching a lot of Star Wars these days with my five-year-old nephew, I'll have to say Princess Leia.

Favorite childhood memory?

Looking back on it there are quite a few, but right now I'm hysterically laughing to myself about the time I used to sing along to Mariah Carey's #1 hits album into a hairbrush to my stuffed animals.

Bungee jump or skydive?


What’s the best decision you ever made?

I haven't had to make any big decision yet, but so far falling in love with music was the best decision I ever made.

Call or text?

Call, however I am guilty of texting more often than I would like to.

Do you collect anything?

Crystals and gemstones.

Reality TV or scripted?

Scripted, 100%.

Favorite meal of the day?

Brunch, because I can never decide between breakfast or lunch.

If you had to live without one, which of the five senses would you give up?

Hmm….I would have to say smell.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink?


Words to live by?

"Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience." - Paulo Coelho

Written & Photographed by Amelia Williams

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