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IN CROWD: Paul Drish x GQ Party

Luxury shoe and accessory brand Paul Drish stepped up their game this year for their annual event as they partnered with GQ to host a night of luxury and indulgence. As soon as you walked in, each guest was greeted with a leather wrap-around bracelet, perfect for any gender or any of our #labeledmen. Grabbing a glass or two, we headed over to the giveaway section, where even if you didn't win anything, you still came away with a custom made "Drish" beanie, perfect for the fall and upcoming New York City winter.

Notable guests we chatted with included model Rain Dove, Scott Camaran, PR mogul Dara Avenius, and actress Melyssa Ford. We were taking pictures of the crowd, while chatting up with Rain Dove about her amazing NYFW triumphs and our future plans to interview her. We also caught up with our favorite woman-in-charge and owner of Paul Drish, Arveena Ahluwalia, to find out what is new with the brand.

Ahluwalia mentioned that there will be a new sporty sneaker collection, which is a first for the Paul Dish brand. Her favorite from the collection is the classic black leather sneaker with a white bottom for $195, which is well below the price of their typical collection, affordable for the casual fan of the brand. "It will give our customer the same undeniable comfort, and we made it for the customer who wants to wear sneakers during the night as well as during the day," she said.

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Written + Photographed by Nisim Frank

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