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IN CROWD: Stones and Bones Launch Party

Labeled as industrial chic, Stones and Bones creates handcrafted jewelry edged with a fast-lane style that is quintessential NYC. This month, designer turned owner Simeon Kasmetski joined us at his collection launch to talk about his pieces, the seduction of nightfall and an accidental Madonna styling gig.

Color to work with?

Black, darker tones, underground purples...

Each piece is handcrafted in the States with a simple sophistication. “We start with a carving of wax that is burnt out of a mold, then any empty space is injected with metal," Kasmetski told us. Of course, with personalized product being in high-demand, Kasmetski takes advantage of custom design requests as well. “The Montana Ring I designed and named after a friend of mine," he said. Choice Gemstone? Black Onyx.

Celebrating minimal simplicity, Simeon’s designs polish us for a more primal state. Curved nails (sans hammer) strangle fingers, razor blades hang off thin chains, and tastefully sized molars punctuate our mortality. Time of Day? Evening, bordering nightfall. Other designs trend in darkness as memento moris, or reminders of death, like The Three Skulls ring and the Skull to Skull Bangle.

Words to live by? Live in the moment...take chances. Canoe Studios housed the meshing business and party energies. To our satisfaction, the night threatened to never end. And though turned on by the dark side, product descriptions and party farewells with Stones and Bones end in “Have an Adventure,” as the brand is straightforward in claiming a love for life and intensity as long as our heartbeats keep us dancing. To end the night and as was promised, Madonna... Celebrity Client? With my other clothing company, Madonna accidentally wore a shirt I designed! I didn’t have her in mind when I made it and someone just gave it to her. So I’d love to [purposely] design for her. The Weeknd is a cool dude, too. I could see him rocking some big rings.

--- Uncover Stones and Bones' latest designs here and follow the simple sophistication here

Written + Photographed by Gwen Leogrande

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