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IN CROWD: Belvedere's James Bond Cocktail Party

Timeless male style icons are far and few between, however James Bond stands the test of time. In honor of the new James Bond film, "Spectre," The Garden City Hotel threw a "Secret Agents, Mystery Women & International Spies" cocktail party at the infamous Polo Lounge. In honor of the series, Belvedere Vodka was making their iconic "Vesper Cocktails," made famous by the 1953 book "Casino Royale." Let us tell you, they were strong and delectable. Men were dapperly dressed in their favorite suits, bow-ties galore, while the women brought out their sultriest dresses, each looking like a "Bond Girl" in their own right. Attending the event was a former "Bond Girl" Rachel Grant, who was making heads turn all night in her Shail K form-fitting dress. Towards the end of the night, we managed to interview Grant about her "Bond Girl" experience and found out a secret about her outfit as well.

Labeling Men: How was your experience on set?

Rachel Grant: It was an amazing experience. It was three days long and less than two minutes, but ten years later I'm still living a life of a Bond Girl! The best thing that could have come out of being a Bond Girl was the charitable endeavors, the changes that I've been able to make because of my name associated with being a Bond Girl.

Labeling Men: Have people ever type-cast you on auditions as a "Bond Girl"?

Rachel Grant: Sometimes, yes. It's hard for people to see past the beauty thing. I do go on auditions sometimes and last year, for example, I was very close to getting a job where I was auditioning to play a housekeeper, but they said I was too beautiful to play the role, which is crazy to me because I look at myself and see this goofy person!

Labeling Men: Who are you wearing tonight?

Rachel Grant: I'm wearing Shail K, who makes these Indian dresses and people wear them in Hollywood and at glitzy red carpets. She's a LA-based designer and she's great.

Labeling Men: Who is your clutch by?

Rachel Grant: Honestly, you want the truth? My mum got it for me at a dollar store!

Labeling Men: It's so pretty! It can definitely be mistaken for a designer vintage piece.

Rachel Grant: I love it, and you'd never know. It's the only thing I had that really would seem to work with my outfit!

By Nisim Frank

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