LIFESTYLE: Holiday Gift Guide for Every Label


On the 8th day of Christmas my true loves (yes, that was plural) gave to me...


One... Out of Print Matchbox Set ($8)

From: Chess Club President


His Style: Crisp-collared, argyle patterned brainiac.


The Date Night: Library after-hours spent with wandering fingers and hands between bookshelves...


Swoon Worthy: Out of Print Clothing helps send books to communities in need with each purchase made.


Two... RxArt Between the Lines: A Coloring Book by Contemporary Artists Volume 5 ($20)


From: Edgar Allan Faux


His Style: Sarcastic mystery, a bold contradiction.


The Date Night: Booze and Baroque art gallery appreciation over a few PBRs.


Swoon Worthy: All proceeds from RxArt products support their hospital projects.


Three... Lakrids Liquorice Christmas Decorations ($25-$30)

From: Hopeless Romantic


His Style: Monochrome angles of honest business.


The Date Night: Cozying up in fireside lust over wine and holiday turntables.


Swoon Worthy: Chocolate. ‘Nuff said.


Four... Uncommon Goods Street Map Glasses ($12-$50)


From: Captain Kennedy


His Style: Nautically roped-up in preps and stripes.


The Date Night: For warmth, a private whiskey tasting on the rocks.


Swoon Worthy: 10% off with code ‘HOLIDAY10’ now through 11/30.


Five... Laudine ‘Wander’ Arm Cuffs ($36)


From: Sun Junkie


His Style: Carefree sun-soaker.


The Date Night: Sunset candle carpet picnic screening surf tide and nature documentaries.


Swoon Worthy: One plate of food donated for every piece of jewelry sold.


Six... Stones and Bones Golden Molars ($95)


From: Urban King


His Style: Streetwear, graffitied off-beat edge.


The Date Night: Hole-in-the-wall DJ show spent under a propaganda mistletoe sticker.


Swoon Worthy: 20% off with code ‘FF2015’


Seven... Satch and Fable Leather Briefcases ($119)


From: Southern Charmer


His Style: Pastel-plaid, classically buttoned-up comfort


The Date Night: Horse drawn carriage ride equipped with blankets, hot chocolate, and falling snow.


Swoon Worthy: 20% off with code ‘labelingmen’


Eight... Cameron Scott Gardner Duffle Bags ($1,250)


From: Jock Of All Trades


His Style: Minimalist function that’s flexed for performance.


The Date Night: Races and hand holds on ice skates.


Swoon Worthy: Sleek leather that lasts.


By Gwen Leogrande

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Photographs courtesy of each gift's website

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