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IN THREADS: Casual Blazer

Upon returning to America after an unforgettable vacation in Paris, there were many "back to reality" blues I had to come to terms with. Going back to work, dealing with my uncultured friends, and the unfortunate truth that French cafes don't exist on every Los Angeles corner were just a few of them. The top of my list, however, was the underwhelming distinction between mens fashion in Paris versus, well, everywhere else.

There is no such outdated term like Metrosexual; it's just how they live. I became obsessed with the way all their outfits looked "casually tailored." While making my third visit to the Marc Jacobs store to exchange a ring, I fell for the sales guy. I didn't get his name, but his look was utter perfection. Slacks that were just above his ankles, a weathered t-shirt, a blazer, topped off with an oversized beanie that stuck up on the stop of his head. His shaggy hair of course made the look for him, but I envisioned how much better every guy above the age of 25 would look in this ensemble. We decided to test it out on our style guru Preston, on one of our many fashion-binging outings. We geared this towards our Captain Kennedy and Southern Charmer, as they would be able to seamlessly fit this into their preppy lifestyle. However, I suggest every label out there give this a whirl. Girls will be fawning from afar.


KHAKIS: Thing Thing

Sneakers: Lacoste

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Model: Preston Bailey

By Amelia Williams

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