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"What's the thing you miss most about the East Coast?," my french grandmother once asked me. With the most dead-serious look on my face, after a moment to think, I responded with, "The layering." She didn't understand the answer and my parents were annoyed by my shallow response. But, it was the unfiltered truth. Life in Los Angeles makes it difficult to think of anything you could miss. My friends, sure, but they're all husbanded up. The weather? Nope; don't give a fuck about the seasons. People that "work hard, play hard?" No; I prefer - well I prefer to not work - if we're being honest. But living without the layer, now that's tough.

In this look on our doll-faced Preston, we went with a lighter layer. Add a down jacket and make it NY friendly, but for us Cali natives, we can keep it cool. All black bottom layer, with a vintage denim jacket and Chelsea boots makes for one chic Urban King.

DENIM JACKET: Tommy Hilfiger

SWEATER: Michael Stars

JEANS: Top Man


Model: Preston Bailey

By Amelia Williams

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