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MUSE: Cory Wade

Shameless camera affairs are Cory Wade’s specialty. The proclaimed model, musician, and host has chiseled a platform (throne) for himself, conquering social media with each of his expressive projects complementing the next. “For me it’s not about the medium. It’s what I’m doing through every artistic outlet because I carry the same message and intent with everything I do,” he says.

Known first as the gender-fluid androgyny of America’s Next Top Model 2.0, Wade was destined to break the physical, stereotypical expectations of men and women. “I’m all about advocating free and honest self-expression.”

Claiming that “androgynous is the new black” for November 2015, Wade modeled alongside designer Stevie Boi on the cover of LGBT Echo Magazine. Both posed to destroy the conservative boundaries placed on unisex beauty.

Throughout the month of November, Wade continued to celebrate true self-expression as an integral part of Jonathan Larson’s Rent. He went on an emotional journey embodying the character Angel, his inner spirit animal, night after night for South Jersey audiences at the Ritz Theater.

Now high-note based in Philly, Wade and his band perform passion projects on stage for the honest expression of self-love. Inspiringly entertained music videos include “Carpe Diem” and “Pose Down.” Check out the band’s latest stunner tracks here.

While we wait and watch for Cory Wade’s next move, let’s indulge in a game of 21 questions...

Label your style in three words.

Bold, uninhibited, mine.

Most random thing you’ve watched on Netflix all the way through?

“Death Note,” which is a really dark and terrifying anime. I love visual art so I’ll watch them for the art, but some of them have crazy stories.

#1 inspiration?

David Bowie.

Gin, vodka, or tequila?


Photoshoot with?

Glitter. The modeling industry never lets men do anything fun. That’s why I got into this industry in the first place. I want to sparkle.

Favorite emoji?

The poop one, hands down.

Dream destination?

The moon.

Favorite ANTM judge?

Tyra Banks! She’s had a huge impact on my life and still does. It’s interesting and amazing working with her because you’ll notice on set she’ll have all her friends from high school with her. I miss her so. Tyra, hit a sister up!

Character you were born to play?

Angel in Jonathan Larson's Rent.

Go-to dance song?

"Play Hard" by Krewella.

Favorite drag queen?

Raja Gemini from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Stick-on or natural lashes?


Musical collaboration with?

Imogen Heap.

Nighttime or daytime?


Three things a stylish person shouldn’t live without?

Black, leather, and drapery.

With your band, what's a city you'd love to perform for?


Three buzzwords that define your upcoming projects?

Big.... Stage.... Party!

Inspiring lyric you’ve written?

“Forge your path. You are the creator.”

Last song that was stuck in your head?

“There’s Hope” by India Arie.

What color describes you best?


Words to live by?

“Rise above and radiate love.”

Follow Cory Wade's upcoming projects at, and on Instagram @coryw4de

Leather and mesh patchwork shirt by Monica Monique, curated by oxymoronphilly

Written and Photographed by Gwen Leogrande

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