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IN CROWD: Mount Holly Live Show

Last Thursday at RockWood Music Hall, Mount Holly fed head-banger moves into the hungry spaces of lapsing body rolls.

Formed in Los Angeles, the group performs for the visceral emotion behind blues based rock and roll. Pulses that make up Mount Holly’s sound are Jameson Burt high on vocals, Nick Perri flexing guitar, John Bach with drums, and Deanna Passarella commanding the sway of bodies on bass.

Vying for early 2016 release, the band is currently working on their full-length album debut. That night at 7:45pm, Stage 2 served as an exclusive listening tease with “Dance the Night Away” tracks scribbled on the evening’s set list.

Heads and tongues rolled over the undertone bass sharpened by drumbeats. And towards the end of the night, Nick’s sister, fellow artist Christina Perri (among others), were brought on stage to pour their “ahhhhhhh” and “whoahhhhh” vocal cords out.

On playing as a collective, Perri wholeheartedly spoke of the bliss in creating a sound among the people you love; in living the art made by those on your same wave length.

“Don’t close your eyes, I’m on my way”

Come February, 2016 you can catch the group sharing stages with Rival Sons. Show venues include Knitting Factory Concert House in Spokane, Washington and Wonder Ballroom in Portland, Oregon.

Until then, watch and follow for Mount Holly’s next move.

Written and Photographed by Gwen Leogrande

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