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#MusicMonday: "Pass Dat"

Jeremih's Late Nights nabbed the coveted BNM status Wednesday and predictably has since been on my current rotation. The album contains many hits, some of which we've already fallen in love with ("Planes" and "Oui"). But I can't stop listening to newbie "Pass Dat," which Pitchfork calls a "synth echo and bass tremor" and Stereogum dons a "a chilled-out yet jittery smoking anthem." Chilled-out yet jittery also happens to describe my natural state of being, and, perhaps not coincidentally, precisely how sativa affects the brain -- so.I've.heard. Regardless, I think smokers and non-smokers alike can appreciate this enticing blend of RnB and EDM, so get to it my loves!

By Anna Dorn

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