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BEHIND THE SEAMS: Pride Clothing

When we first came across Pride, we were struck be the unisex vibe, clean color palette and desert influences. Their men’s collection, aptly labeled "Dark Waves and Desert Daze," was exactly what we didn’t even know we were looking for. We were able to get a little background from Jason Byrnes, one of the designers of this up-and-coming brand. “We [Pride] are a brand of three designers. One extremely messy, one clean cut and minimalistic, and I would place myself in between those two at the meeting point that brings us all together to blend it through our collections,” he tells us.

Jason and his sister created the brand in 2006 and brought on two of his best friends two years ago. From there it has grown into the androgynous staple it is now. “It started as a project while we were in college and it quickly grew into a movement,” Byrnes says. He describes their aesthetic as constantly changing, and aspiring to “make things out of the norm.” With the constant shift in fashion and trends, Pride is definitely transcending fashion and targeting men and women that are “strong minded, stand for what they believe in, down-to-earth, artistic, and fashion forward.”

We at Labeling Men live for unisex collections and Pride seamlessly shows that they are headed in that direction as well. “We start by designing our men’s collection, and then our women’s line is inspired by our men’s pieces giving it a tomboyish feel,” Byrnes tells us. Not only do they incorporate a more unisex feel, but each collection is different, drawing from seemingly unconnected inspirations. “Our collections are unpredictable from the influence we get that year or prior ones. Our latest collection ‘Dark Waves | Desert Daze’ was inspired by the Moroccan deserts and nomadic culture, while our Winter collection will be completely inspired by Japanese influence.” We can’t wait to see what comes next for these exciting designers [Byrnes, Isabel Garces and Sean O'Brien].

By Mischa Teichgraeber

Style Credits:

Pride - Distressed Tee & Layered Tee

Vintage Cardigan

Zara - Pants

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