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MUSE: Bo Barnes

Close friend and confidant Bo Barnes is quickly becoming LA's most in fashionable crystal healer. We've known him for years as the bubbly and hilarious over the top fashion boy, but his latest path has left us wanting to find out more.

Settled in Downtown LA, owner of the quirkily named company "Calm Down, Please," Bo gave me some insight into where it all began.

"I come from a lineage of intuitive or you could even say gifted people. I've had paranormal experiences my whole life. Some which would keep you up at night and some a bit more pleasant. I've been able to see energy fields, auras, etheric cords etc. since childhood. I never knew what it was or the significance until my adult years when I started searching for answers."

He went on to describe what brought him to become a healer himself.

"I have a diagnosed anxiety disorder and there were several years that were pretty rough. I started working with reiki and crystal energy and it helped me in ways that western medicine alone could not. Just seeing my personal transformation from a scared anxious negative little boy into a loving compassionate grown man made me want to share this with others."

He went on to talk about his possible collaborations with big name designers and brands in the works and how crystals are incorporated into fashion. Something we've never thought about, but for photoshoots and merchandising crystals are a current staple in many companies' aesthetics. Not only used for decor, he can curates specific crystal grids to bring positive energy and enhance wealth to the brand.

A few mimosas in, we were ready to take on the shoot. Huddling by the windows of his loft while wrangling his Frenchie, we were able to catch his uber good looks and effortless style in every shot.

As the champagne kicked in the 21 Questions began...


Bo Barnes

Star Sign


Favorite Crystal

Lumerian Quartz

Favorite menswear item

A well made tee shirt forever & always (Currently my faves are by Sandro, Iro & Rick Owens)

Favorite State

California duh!

What color is your mood right now?

Lavender... I'm already feeling the Christmas full moon :)

What is your current state of mind

General holiday joy & Optimism

Favorite occupation

Anyone who get's to work with animals... in a positive way, sorry sea world bye

Spirit animal


Most powerful crystal to you

Probably a natural Citrine as they are incapable of holding any negative energy

Do you believe in black magic?

Of course! Where there is light there is darkness but I would strongly discourage anyone from going down that path. Tapping into lower vibrational energies is never a smart idea.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

Swimming with the sea turtles and dolphins in Maui

Any tattoos?


Three days to live, what do you do?

Dance under the stars at Machu Picchu

Favorite nonalcoholic drink?

Sparking Water!

3 songs currently on repeat

Grimes - RealiTi

The Beach Boys-Don't worry baby

The Weekend- Tell your friends

One place for a whole year, all expenses paid, where?

An overwater bungalow at the Four Seasons Bora Bora

What do you label your personal style?


One thing you absolutely hate?


One thing you absolutely love?

Meeting other enlgihtened people

Words to live by?

Be Nice!

For appointments visit: Calm Down Please | For updates follow Bo on Instagram & Facebook

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